Photos of Equus '99

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For the Footlight Club production of Equus, I created six horses heads. They needed to be light, but stable, since the horses move their heads rather violently at times. The director wanted the human heads to be visible, but not dominant, and the actors vision could not be impaired. They are constructed of a welded silver wire frame. Plastic canvas shapes sprayed silver and dusted with gold suggest the sides, eyes, and a blaze from the ears to the nose. Wire spirals were used to delineate nostrils, and black buckram canvas was used to suggest a mane. This framework is attached to a molded cap and is held in place by a thick elastic secured with a buckle under the chin. They received a certificate of merit from the Eastern Massachusetts Association of Community Theatres (EMACT) and were described in their adjudication as "stunning." "Robert Canterbury made a significant contribution to the proceedings through simple elegant horses’ heads for use by the ensemble. Easily attached and detached, and seemingly light to wear, the beautifully sculpted heads effectively established a horse sense for the actors embodying the animals."