Dim suma Chinese light meal or brunch, eaten sometime from morning-to-early afternoon with family or friends. Dim sum consists of a wide spectrum of choices, from sweet to salty. It has combinations of meat, vegetables, seafood, and fruit.

In the spirit of dim sum, I present a sampler of photos taken on my trip to China in April of 2006..

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Beijing:  Tiananmen Square:  hard to get good pictures because Beijing is very smoggy.

Beijing:  Forbidden City:  every year the portrait of Chairman Mao gets smaller; many buildings are being restored for the Olympics in 2008;  the wire on the restored roof, below left, is lightening rod.




Beijing:  Summer Palace:  much of the gardens was closed due to renovations for the Olympics in 2008.



Beijing:  Peking Opera:  a far cry from the militaristic propaganda operas of Madam Mao.



Badaling, Beijing:  Great Wall:  our guide wrote our names phonetically in chinese on our nametags;  I was quite startled when a vendor on the great wall started calling "Robert, Robert, over here!"



Beijing:  Ming tombs:



Old Beijing:  rickshaws:  the streets of the historic part of Beijing are too narrow for cars, so we transferred to pedicabs.



Beijing:  Silk Carpet factory



Xian:  Tang Dynasty dinner and show



Xian:  terra-cotta warriors:  having seen some of these sculptures in 1974 when they toured the U.S. to raise funds for further excavation, it was wonderful to see them in their original site.



Chongqing:  board the Viking River Sun:  the ship was brand new; this was it's fifth cruise.  It has a 306 passenger capacity; we had 180.

The meals were often western, sometimes eastern with menus supervised by Martin Yan.  Here's a sample western dinner menu.



Fengdu:  one of the towns which had to be rebuilt on higher ground due to the river rising due o the construction of the Three Gorges Dam.



Lesser Three Gorges:  the area just above the Three Gorges Dam which will be most affected by the rising of the river; the bridge in the upper right photo will have to be rebuilt because the water will come within five feet of the roadbed.



Three Gorges Dam:  due to weather we went through the dam at night, so I have taken photos from a disk purchased aboard ship to show what going through the locks was like; there was about three feet between the walls of the lock, the ship, and other ships; thank heavens for laser guidance.  It was too smoggy to take photos downstream.



Jingzhou:  Viking River Cruises School:  the company has renovated the school renamed for it:  the kids genuinely seemed to enjoy our visit and performing for us.



Jingzhou:  we saw many traditional family farms; when we stopped for this photo opportunity, the farmer continued plowing until we were finished taking pictures and then stopped and waved as we got back on the bus.




Wuhan: A wonderful concert on reproductions of ancient bells, part of a collection of artifacts from about 433BC



Jingdezhen:  Ceramic Historical Museum


Mt. Jiu Hua:  one of four sacred Buddhist mountains



Nanjing:  Tai Chi in the park/Robert in the park



Suzhou:  Garden of the Master of Nets



Suzhou:  Silk factory:  it was fascinating to see the process from cocoon to finished clothing.


Shanghai:  Postcards:  the Shanghai skyline is so amazing only aerial postcards could capture it.  The photos below are mine.

Shanghai: panorama of Pudong district from the Bund riverside promenade

Shanghai:  shopping district; note the Starbucks in the right-hand photo

Shanghai:  acrobats; they moved so fast it was hard to take photos

Shanghai:  Yuyuan Garden